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Blogging, content, web copy, social media… the list goes on.

If you’re overwhelmed by, confused about or just plain fed up with what your online presence demands of you, I can help you create a compelling digital path for your target customers to follow.

That path will help people find you, engage with you and – most importantly – buy from you.

And afterwards, it will help bring them back all over again.

It’s like your own Yellow Brick Road.

(Minus the creepy bits)

How I Work

Working to your brief and budget, I’ll help you develop and implement a strategy designed to bring potential customers to you by creating, publishing and promoting relevant and useful content.

To place your business in front of your audiences, we’ll use a combination of…

SEO Optimised Web Copy & Content

Content that keeps your customers entertained and your rankings high

Quality content is the cornerstone to making your business more visible online and, best of all, it needs only a small investment to make a big difference.

Every search engine and social media algorithm boosts businesses who prove themselves useful and relevant to searchers and users, and penalises those that don’t.

I can create optimised copy and content which addresses the topics your audience is searching for – relevant, useful information that helps them discover you and your product or service.

By showing that you can solve their problems or address their needs, you’ll draw in qualified leads and build trust and credibility at the same time.

Social Media Strategy

Connecting your content with new & existing customers.

If you invest time and money in making relevant, useful content, you want to maximise the chances that it gets seen.

Enter Social Media.

With billions upon billions of users, making use of the best Social Media platforms for your business is vital to the success of your digital marketing strategy, providing a platform to share your content, putting a voice and face to your brand and engaging with your customers

Whether you have an existing following or are starting from scratch, we’ll identify where your customers hang out, how best to get your message across and how to create a consistent and engaging presence.

And then? Test, Analyse, Refine…

 There is no guaranteed “one route” to success – every business, every product or service is different.

So how will you know if your strategy is working?

You’ll know because you’ll receive regular updates on the results of your digital marketing efforts – identifying what’s working, and what isn’t and suggesting tweaks and improvements going forwards.

I use a test, analyse and refine method.


We'll Test...

all kinds of things – from headlines to types and form of content; different tones of voice and calls to action to posting times.

We'll Analyse...

Data, data and more data. We’ll look at your data and insights to see what’s bringing you the best results. 

We'll Refine...

And then we’ll optimise your message, getting rid of what doesn’t work, doing more of what does and always trying out new approaches.

Real Marketing Results.

With Added Financial Savvy…

For reasons I won’t go into here (but I do here) – my background in marketing is underpinned with experience in management accounting and analysis for small businesses – in fact, I’m still a registered Member in Practice of the IAB.

Ultimately, what matters to you is increasing the number of leads that you can turn into sales – so let’s bring a little extra commercial perspective to bear.

I'd like to help you get more leads from your online marketing. If you want to find out more, please get in touch!

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