Are you using your Instagram Nametag to grow your following yet?

Showing my age now, but saying “Nametag” all the time just makes me think of graffiti. My head’s been playing Planet Rock at me on a loop all morning…

Anyway! Today I’m going to explain how you can put Instagram’s new Nametag feature to good use to grow your account. 🙌

What’s the deal?

Launched globally last week (though yours has probably been around for a while), Nametags are a scannable code that you can share with others.

One of Instagram’s “new ways to make connecting with people easier”, when someone scans your code they can follow you or visit your profile.

You can customise it with colours, emoji backgrounds or a selfie (with or without stickers).

Where can I find it?

To find your Nametag, go to your profile and tap the 3 lines on the top right menu. You’ll see it at the top of the sidebar – just tap on it to personalise it.

To scan someone else’s Nametag, you can either use your Instagram camera or tap on your own NameTag and then “Scan a Nametag”.

You can share it on other platforms or by email or text message by tapping the arrow at the top – and you can SAVE IT AS AN IMAGE. That bit’s important because…

… this is where it could be super useful to grow your following.

Basically, it’s a QR code for your Insta account. After you save it as an image, you can print it on your marketing with a CTA.

All people have to do is scan the code and… 👋😁 

For example, you could put it on your…

☞ Business Cards

☞ Email signatures

☞ Share it on your other social media accounts

☞ Packaging

☞ Menus

☞ Posters

☞ Product tags

☞ Receipts

☞ Brochures…

You get the idea.

You could even have it as your lock screen image – handy for making a social connection when you’re out and about.

Does it work in Stories? Well, no, not yet – well, not easily anyway. If you wanted to scan a code from Stories you’d screenshot it, go to the “Scan a Nametag” option in your own Nametag and select it from your camera roll. Update soon? 🤞

Happy nametagging!

📸 by Lane Blocker on Unsplash, with thanks.

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