Terms & Conditions of LVG Consulting Ltd trading as LVGVirtual

Yep, it’s the legal stuff! These T&Cs may be updated at any time, with the most up-to-date version available on the site.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us: hello@lvgvirtual.com

Our terms are detailed below. Sticking to these conditions helps us to provide you with the best service possible.


LVG Consulting Ltd (LVG) is a registered Data Protection Controller (ICO reference ZA270701).

Any information you provide is held securely. We use ISO compliant cloud storage and implement a regular backup routine in accordance with UK Data Protection Laws. We use secure email.

We keep all Client information confidential, including details of work conducted and business affairs. We will not share the details of any work conducted for Clients, whether for professional promotion purposes or otherwise, without the Client’s express prior consent. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements or NDAs where requested, and hold template agreements for any Clients who wish to use them.


The Client is the legal owner of all work undertaken by LVG, and holds all IP rights thereto.

It is and will remain the Client’s responsibility to ensure that proper permissions have been sought in relation to the usage of any data supplied to LVG, such permissions to include (but not be limited to) images, copy and consent to use client data. Images supplied by LVG shall be sourced with permission.

Payment Terms

Invoices for ad-hoc work shall be raised on the completion of the relevant task, and shall be accompanied by a time breakdown. Billing is in 15 minute increments, with a minimum bill of 1 hour.

Invoices for retained hours (weekly or monthly) will be raised monthly in arrears on the last day of each month.

First-time clients may be invoiced 50% for payment in advance of either the estimate provided for the task or the first bill for retained services, whichever is applicable, with the remainder to be paid as normal for the service/s provided.

Any additional expenses incurred, including postage, telephone charges and mileage costs, are not included in the hourly rate and will be listed separately on the relevant invoice. LVG will request the Client’s agreement prior to incurring such additional expenses.

Payment by bank transfer is due upon receipt of invoice, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

We reserve the right to retain work in progress and/or cease all services until outstanding invoices are settled in full. If work is delayed or suspended during the course of its completion as a result of a default by the Client, LVG shall be entitled to receive immediate payment for time and expenses incurred to date and shall levy an invoice for payment by return accordingly.

Terms of Service

Final proofreading and checking of all work supplied is the responsibility of the client.

Time and cost estimates provided to the Client prior to commencing work are informal and may be subject to review where necessary. LVG shall endeavour to advise the Client of the necessity of any such review as soon as practicably possible.

Any errors must be reported to LVG within 2 working days of the Client’s receipt of completed work. Where such errors are the responsibility of LVG, they will be rectified free of charge. Amendments requested by the Client will be billed at the normal rate.

Any estimate provided is based upon the original brief given to LVG. If, in the course of completing a task, further work is requested by the Client, then that work shall be billed as an additional charge and shall not form part of the original brief.

Either Party may terminate any agreement or contract for services if there is a serious breach of its terms which remains unremedied.


We take UK bank holidays and the period from Christmas to New Year as holiday. Other holidays will be advised to Clients as applicable. Where appropriate, provisions shall be put in place to ensure continuity of service.


LVG warrants to

  • Act in a professional manner and in good faith to Clients at all times;
  • Communicate fairly and honestly with a Client’s associates, employees and/or suppliers;
  • Respect Clients’ confidentiality, in terms of both personal and business practices;
  • Recognise Clients’ ownership of intellectual copyright pertaining to business activities.

General Conditions

LVG shall not be liable for any losses incurred, whether directly or indirectly, from our completing work, save where those losses are proven to be a direct result of our negligence.

These terms shall be governed by the Laws of England and Wales.

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