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What is SEO Copywriting anyway, and why do I need it?

SEO copywriting just means writing your web content in such a way that it helps you get found more easily online, by improving your organic (aka free) presence on search engines.

It’s relevant to any web copy you have – from your site content and blogs to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

The secret to making it work lies in writing copy which is relevant to your business and useful to your target audience – interesting words that your customers want to read. Writing that includes some tweaks in SEO’s favour, but retains its natural flow and clarity.

Why do you need it? Because your web content lays a digital path which your customers can find and follow.

In the past, SEO involved throwing as many keywords at a sentence as humanly possible and seeing what would stick. Thankfully for all of us who have to navigate this stuff, those days are gone.

But it’s still so important to include keywords and phrases throughout your site – because that’s how people will search for (and find) the information you’re putting out.

The best thing about writing with SEO in mind is that, done properly, the traffic it delivers is both high quality and high intent – people who are actively looking for what you provide.

I don't need all your services, can I pick and mix?
Absolutely! You can choose any combination that suits you. Start off small and build up as and when you require, add and remove services to suit seasonal trends or key business milestones. It’s all in your hands.

For a tailored quote, just drop me a line – or, better still, why not book a free consultation and let’s grab a virtual coffee.

Will I see results straight away?
Like most things in life, if you’ve got money to throw at it, then things will happen quicker than if you’re on a slow and steady path.

But don’t despair! If we’re on a tighter budget, it’s likely we won’t see a big spike in results as soon as we start, but I work incredibly hard to achieve steady, measurable and sustainable improvements month on month.

What happens if I'm not happy with your work?
It’s very important to me that you’re happy with the work I do for you.

I always take a full brief before we get started on any project to make sure we’re on the same page before any time has accrued.

I’ll keep you informed with regular reports, and will always correct any mistakes straight away and free of charge.

Ultimately, if the relationship is not working out then there’s no tie in, and you will only ever be billed for hours spent on work that you have instructed.

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