Social Media Strategy

Putting your Business in front of people

where they hang out online


What’s the point of having all that lovely shiny content if no-one sees it?

There’s no better way to get your content out there than by publishing it across your social media channels.

Which channels we choose will depend on your Industry, your brand and your niche but, whether you’re new to social media or an old hand; a storming success or frustrated and overwhelmed, it’s fundamental to building your online presence.

It can also be a huge time drain. With this, I can help in 3 ways.

Number 1…

When, where, who and how… 

I can create a full Social Media Strategy for your Business, giving you everything you need to define your message, your themes and your goals, run creative campaigns and engage with your customers and key partners across your channels.

Number 2…

The copy and content I create for you will provide regular fodder for your social media platforms. I can craft posts, images, pins, animated videos, Stories and Reels from your blogs, site content and image/ video assets.

Number 3…

Struggling for content? We can balance your own messaging with third-party information and articles relevant to your audience – or better yet, content generated by your customers. I can set you up with automation tools and a short, regular routine that drastically reduces the time you spend on your social media efforts. Alternatively, I can manage your output for you.

Let's Do This.


Some of the ways I can help you...

  • Create a full Social Media Strategy for your Business, including defining your objective/s, finding your perfect channels and key influencers, creating buyer personas, competitor & hashtag research
  • Manage your social media output
  • Craft posts, images, pins, animated videos, Stories and Reels from your blogs, site content and image/video assets
  • Help you generate and gather user-generated content
  • Optimise your social media bios
  • Create a simple routine to reduce the time you spend on Social Media
  • Set up automation tools like Buffer or Later, and analytics tools like Google Analytics or Bitly (and show you how to use them)
  • Create and run organic campaigns (for example; to promote new product launches or events)
  • Set up and optimise profiles and Pages
  • Create branded graphics
  • Analyse & report on the performance of channels and campaigns

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